Repetitive Stress Injury?


I’ve been playing Soulcalibur V a *lot *over the past few days, and recently I’ve been feeling a very mild, but consistent tingling in my hands and fingers. I’m thinking it may be a very mild RSI, or the beginnings of one (or at the very least the nerves are tired or something), and I’ve naturally taken a break for a while. I just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else and what it actually is, so I can adjust my playing schedule accordingly ^^;


look i had in the past something similar, i dont know for sure if it has any connection with stressing ur fingers… the other way around i may think the constant exercise could only benefit but,
about two years ago i have been playing gunz and guitar hero alot every day well gunz was there for 5 years… and the thing ur desctibing never happend till i started playing guitar hero too simulationtly and if u know that game it has constant finger excessive manuvers over the keyboard as well as guitar hero,
i started feeling numb a whlie after i been playing them both for about a year, i ran test went to the doc… nothing segnificant, only from the ring finger down to pinky and that area of the palm on the left hand was numb, the tests showed a decrease in nerve function on this area but there were no indications for any illness or anything of the kind, considering my granma and mom had issues with the nerves on the palms and feet they were considered genetic and no harming
so after about a year and some i feel my left palm completly again… so thats my story
u might wanna ask family if anyone has that or had that

good luck :P, games might be the trigger but i dont think its harmful


Yes, Be careful how you hold your stick. I was having no pain playing UMvC3 but constant wrist pain playing SSF4. I took time to examine how I was hitting the buttons playing street fighter and changed the way I did and the pain went away. Make sure to warm up a bit before you play. Get some blood into those joints before you do battle.


It didn’t happen to me while gaming, but I got these sort of symptoms back when I was working in a warehouse. Sounds like initial stages of potential Carpal-tunnel syndrome, so you definitely want to be careful about that. Make sure to rest your arms, hands, and wrists while you recover. Before you play, consider doing some light stretches for your wrists, and for some, popping your knuckles might help loosen your finger.s Lightly stretch your wrist by bending using one hand to bend the fingers of your other hand. Put your hand palm down and pull your fingers back up towards you, and do the same with your hand palm up, and bending your fingers down and back, it helps alleviate stress and tension in your wrists and helps to prevent carpal-tunnel.

Also, pay attention to how you position your arms, hands, and wrists when you play. The limit should be limited mostly to your fingers and a little bit of your hand, if you’re flailing your arms and shoulders everywhere, you’re probably putting too much effort into it and causing your muscles and nerves some undue stress.


btw i forgot to add the most important thing… get checked up, we here can come up with many different theorys about such condition but you should probably see your family doc… my case was genetic but u never know, theres nothing too small to go to ur doc with ^^ good luck :slight_smile:


Sounds like Lupus to me.


It’s never lupus.

Anyway, SRK is definitely not the place to ask medical questions. Do try to stretch before long gaming sessions. Talk to your doctor if you think you have a problem.


I had a bit of an RSI after like a week straight of labbing for a tournament, I was playing on pad at the time though. I’ve never had the issue come up since I switched to stick a couple years back. I’d imagine its because its working totally different muscles, but I’m certainly no doctor.