Replace FightPad Pro's D-pad ,Update: Replace Tutorial & 3D printer file Sharing

Fightpad pro almost godlike.
But the D-pad is a piece of shit. :s
So we put Sega Saturn D-pad on.

Now it is almost perfect. B)

The following is replace the D-Pad tutorial.
Only need to dismantle a screw.
Provided that you must print your own D-pad.
Download 3D printer file

1.Ready to dissection FightPad Pro

2.Turn to the back

3.Remove the sticker carefully, Maybe this can keep your warranty.
Remove the screws using a screwdriver.

4.Back to front, and dug all the snaps from the slit, and then remove the cover.

5.Watch out LED lamp shell.

6.Using forceps can easily pry up the D-PAD

7.Ready to install new D-pad

8.Print Sega Saturn D-Pad

9.Only one angle can install D-pad

10.Press D-pad to the bottom.

11.Reinstall cover,Complete, enjoy the all new FightPad Pro.

So you 3D Printed one, nice.

Just gotta find a fix for those mushy, sticky buttons.

dope, mind sharing the file? they’ve got a 3d printer at my school i can get this made maybe

Haha, I’m loving this. Still have to replace the triggers and remove the analog stick.

What a piece of garbage (the fightpad, not your dpad)

Update Replace Tutorial =)

the pad is this bad? i was going to get it for my friend. well i like how you optimized it.
pictures don’t seem to be working.

Images and link to the 3D file isn’t working.

the dpad is really bad.
i would reconsider the purchase.

I can’t see anything :frowning:

This thread should give you an idea how to make the buttons better. OnLive controller information and modding

for the price and how they hyped it up, i expected more. i’m not a pad player but i started as one back in 2003 for a few years before switching to stick. my friend however still prefers pad and these look great aesthetically so i was going to get one. thanks for the advice. this might be good just to get if you like to mod pads and tinker with some ideas for better design.

yeah i really dont understand how they could screw the dpad up so much up. stick seems to be fine, for the case your pal want to play with it.
the hori pad seems to be better but i couldnt play with it so far.

Now we need to find a fix/replacement for the semi-conductive silicone membrane (a real problem for 360/PS3 fightpads)

Wondering how much of an improvement in the over all feel of this pad is now compared to before?

I have it, I like it but SRM AkumaZX (who playes on the older madcatz SF4 and SFxT pads) says it isn’t as comfortable

i can see why. this one, although looking really stylish, is very blocky/edgy.

Sorry guys, now can download the file.

Is the printed the D-pad the same exact thing as a Saturn D-Pad or with some minor changes ? Like in size or the protruding arm behind it ?
I don’t have a 3D printer and was thinking I could just take apart my saturn pad and use that.

Could you possibly make a video of it in action ?