Replace MC SE stick w/ HRAP3 stick?

Okay I’ve been at this for hours, get all the way to the end of the project, and one stripped screw forces me to run to Lowe’s, buy a drill, sacrifice one screw to get the mounting plate off, only to finally realize that the screws from the Mad Catz SE mounting plate dont fit into the Sanwa JLF cherry switch bracket from the HRAP3(they look identical…). So before I put this drill to my head (and order a bracket/new stick) is there anything I’m missing or any way to frankenstein this?

Sanwa JLF do not have Cherry Microswitches.
Never will.

Cherry is a brand.

What is a Cherry Switch Bracket?

But you want to know the answer to what I am thinking?
Since your Post is crazy with wrong words.

M3 (3mm) nuts of .5mm Pitch.
Either buy some, or grab them from the Mad Catz Joystick Base.
The nuts are accessible when the Joystick PCB is removed from Joystick.

Thank you for the reply, and sorry for the lack of information in the original post, its been a long long night trying to get this to work to have it laugh at me. The root problem is that the screws that come with the SE to attach the mounting plate to the joystick are too small, they slide right in/out of the Sanwa joystick when you try to attach the mounting plate. What kind of screws do I need and can I get them locally?

You need nuts.

Since you asked:
Get some flathead (countersunk) M3 screws (3mm of 0.5mm Pitch) at length of 8mm.

But you need nuts.
Trust me.

Get the nuts from your Mad Catz Joystick.

Will try and post back results tomorrow. Thanks again.

Victory! Yea after we took apart the Sanwa stick completely we were like “o duh, that’s where the nuts go…,” so thanks again JDM for the patience and help.


YAY! :lovin:

at least you have a stick…

thanks for the advice i was having the same problem for a while now