Replace PS3 D-PAD with Saturn D-PAD help


Hi I’m new to this forum. I have been looking into alternative pads for my ps3 and I’ve been pretty dissatisfied. I love the PS3 pad(DS3) but the d-pad is not great(and I’m not fond of R2 and L2 but that’s another subject). The original DS2 seemed to have a better d-pad but I don’t own one and the current DS2 is exactly like the DS3. I did research and the majority of pad players say the saturn pad has the ultimate d-pad. The D-pad does look great and all but I really don’t want a whole different controller.

SO I was thinking if I could have a DS3 controller with a Saturn D-Pad it would be perfect. Is there anyone who could do something like that? Is there a website for people who do that type of work?

If not is there some kind of do it yourself Guide for something like that? PLEASE help me out it would be much appreciated.


It seems the search feature is down, but why not just buy a Sega Saturn USB pad (bootleg)? It works on the PS3. There were a few threads on it and the reviews were very positive.


What he said ^^ Came in to say pretty much the same thing :confused:

Or I’ve heard OK things about these:


ebay sega usb. they are great products. most likely fake, but great nonetheless…nothing beats these for ps3. id wait til some black ones come back in stock. whoever is making these has probably mad a million dollars already. ebay is madness !!!


I would rather build a controller, from scratch… literally. I would take clay and form it into a vaguely boomerang shape. Carve it to ergnomic coolness. Build a vacuform machine, create a plastic shell, cut a fiberglass board, draw traces on it, wire up buttons, connectors and ICs, then make a pretty box… then to attempt this mod.

Now, as well as the smart folks who have pointed out the USB Saturn pads…

The Madcatz Fight Pad, with cool street fighter characters on it, is a PS3 control pad… with a Saturn D-pad on it. They even admit, in the videos, that it’s a Saturn D-pad.


This is SPARTAAAA!!!

Sorry couldn’t help myself. Most of those controllers are legit. I never thought to try them out on my PS3…


I may just end up getting one of these, unless I find out the SNES RetroPort works and is better (the Hori Super Famicom Fighting Commander is the best fight pad ever made).


many ppl have the dpad broke off the white usb pad (i’m one of them)
they’re good but doesn’t last
better off with the original sega saturn pad plus a converter


What makes the Saturn dpad so great?


Why do I love thee Saturn pad? Let me count the ways.

  1. The dpad is consistently awesome. There are no diagonal issues like the Mad Catz pad. I have only myself to blame if I miss a move. The PS2/3 dpad eventually hurts my thumb. The 360 dpad is well established as garbage. It also works well for other genres like Shumps and old school games.
  2. Six face buttons means you can spam out buttons like god intended instead of reaching for the shoulders. People claim to not like their arch, but you get over it quickly.
  3. The shell curves naturally to fit your hands.
  4. The components are quality. There’s no foam inside ala Mad Catz. They have a proven track record considering some of the pads I’ve recently gotten are 10+ years old.
  5. The PCB is pretty easily hacked for use with other systems.

Blah blah blah…


You could always put a quater over your DualShock3 or get one of those replacement PSP pads. Better yet, I wonder if this would work instead? It is based on the old PSP dpad mods.


I finally got mine yesterday. It’s a good pad, and it does seem I got one of the authentic ones, but the d-pad is a little loose for my tastes (I’m picky - Saturn is too loose, and DS3 is too tight), so I often find myself jumping by accident. It’s still easily among the best of the circular d-pad assemblies I’ve used, and as a whole, the pad is way better than a DS3.


There aren’t any legit Saturn USB pads anymore, at least not on ebay.


I found a couple of chewed up original saturn pads at a garage sale for 25 cents. If they had been mint I would never have used them for experimentation… but there are a lot of places you can find genuine Sega saturn controllers to do with what you will. I ended up using one with a Cthulhu in a project box that works like an absolute dream on PS3 and PC. I haven’t exactly decided the fate of the second one yet but you should definitely go looking for the original controllers- if nothing else you can purchase a bootleg one and slap the PCB into the real casing.


Pretty sure these are legit. The seller is going to a lot of trouble for the sale if they’re fakies.


^He’s based in China and has more than 10 available.

Plus my bootleg pad looks exactly like that “legit” pad in his comparison photo.


That sucks. I guess it’s pretty much going to be a requirement to swap the PCB into a real Saturn pad’s casing.


Yeah, I got mine from litianedup. Seems like damn good build quality to me though. I mean, I generally HATE d-pads that aren’t cross-shaped like on Nintendo’s and Sony’s products, but this thing is very usable, even to the point of beating out the DS3 in extended play. And for what it’s worth, the printing quality on the box even seems like that of a new, legitimate product (rather than something that was scanned and reproduced).

Anyway, bootleg or not, it’s a fine controller that beats 95% of controllers out there.


I can’t imagine how it would be possible to hack a saturn dpad into a ds3, not in any kind of usable way. I would do as some of the guys say and get yourself a saturn pad + a usb converter, mine works like a charm.


But no wireless. :frowning:

Yeah, for me a PS3 pad with a Saturn dpad would be perfect.