Replaceing the joystick on the te fightstick

i have a te fightstick and love it but was looking to replace the joystick.i got the stick for marvel vs capcom 2.the stock sanwa joystick is perfect for sf4 but for mvc2 its effy for me. i want to replace it with a full 360 with no clicks.somethin that feels just like the question is what can i replace it with? if you can give me any idea’s it will help.will the happs sticks fit?how are the semitsu sticks feel?what will feel like the arcades.thanks

Look at the Features section on the front page of SRK. There is an 8 part TE mod tutorial there where Jin shows all kinds of things including how to disassemble the whole thing, how to change the stick, what kinds of buttons fit, what problems you will get etc.

i know how to rip it apart and replace everythin i just need to know which will work on a te fightstick

For no clicks you would need an optical stick. The Happ perfect 360 is probably what is in the arcades you are used to, but won’t fit in a TE unless you do some metal and wood work to adapt the top plate and deepen the body. You are better off making a full custom. I have heard that the new Happ perfect 360’s have been crapified (redesigned cheaply), and are less durable and problem prone than the ones made 2 years ago.

There used to be a sanwa flash optical joystick, but those where discontinued in 2003. Also they have only square gate and you can purchase an octagon gate, but no full round. You can make a round gate if you buy a 2 way restrictor and sand it until it is a perfect circle. If you do find a Sanwa Flash they usually start at $150 depending if there is a bidding war. You can also look for an ascii clone of the sanwa flash, and then get a longer sanwa shaft.

soo theres really no optical sticks for a te.i really hate hitting the walls on the gates on the stock stick on the te

You basically will have to look for the ascii, and even then you will still have the gate and it won’t feel like a Happ 360. If you wanted the same stick for Marvel as the US Arcade, the TE isn’t suitable.

This is the joystick I was talking about:

Too fat to fit in a TE. And a Japanese optical is probably out of your price range and won’t provide the same feel as the American Stick you are looking for.

In short the best solution is to learn to build your own from

Get a case from, order parts from lizardlick, and hack a pcb or get a cthulhu.

Personally I changed the the ball to a bat top and switched to the octogate. All of my sticks prior to this stick have been HAPP competitions so when I went TE I wanted to same responsiveness of the SANWA parts but the same feel of a HAPP. No it isn’t quite the whole HAPP set up but you could get even closer with a round gate. The clicks will still be there however but you won’t get stuck in any corners.

Playing SFIV right off the bat was no issue but HDR took a little time to get used to. Ultimately, I am much happier with the TE than any other stick I have ever owned which includes a MAS, Anniversary, and a custom.