Replacement back plate for Mad Catz Street Fighter X Tekken fightstick


I’m currently looking at a Craigslist ad for it and it’s a pretty cheap price (under $50), but the thing is missing the backplate. If I do get the stick, what should be my course of action? Go to a home depot, ask them to cut a plexiglass or thin piece of wood to the dimensions? If I go the wood route, what’s a good material to cover the wood in, to prevent splinters?


Home Depo would cut it down to the Length and width requirements, but they not cut the round corners you would need or drill holes.

if you go wood? Either Plywood or MDF. For Plywood Make sure the Grade A side is facing out. You will have to sand the Plywood smooth to avoid splitters.

Go for MDF, it is a wood byproduct instead of actual wood, so there no grain, no splinters. If you want the MDF painted, you need to primer first.

Honestly to do this right, the amount of money and time you spend on this, your better off finding a Stick with its Back Plate intact and in place.