Replacement bases for gamerfinger buttons¿


Hi all,

I broke the tabs on a bunch of my buttons removing them from a too tight plexi…Obviously I’d rather not splash out on all new buttons when I only require bases.

I see no options for bases only. Anyone have any experience?


I’ve only seen plungers, not rims. From what I can tell, all stores are selling out of the buttons and not restocking them. Something tells me Gamerfinger is out of business. Good luck.


Yeah, you may be right. Their support email address is dead. They have a semi active Twitter account. I hit them up there and await a reply. Too bad if they do go under. I really like their buttons!


If they’re made of ABS you can use acetone to liquify the broken faces and then fuse then back together.


Nice! I’ve never seen their Twitter account before. Doesn’t look like they are as dead as I thought.

Sounds like screw on buttons to me.


That’s great news, going to definitely buy a set.


Totally! I’ve got the perfect build for some crystal blue screw buttons. I was just going to go with Seimitsu, but now…


People had issues with the plunger popping off during playing, I never had that issue with mine but hope they addressed too with a more secure way to keep the plunger on.


Ha! You must have me mistaken for someone with any mechanical ability at all!


I saw that reported as well but I’ve never encountered it either.


It’s really easy though. Qtip soaked in acetone, wet the broken surfaces, hold together for a few, then set the button aside and let the plastic cure overnight until the acetone evaporates out of it. If you can super glue stuff together, you can do this.


ABS cement is just ABS plastic dissolved in a solution of acetone.


You could ghetto it and just hot glue the buttons to the underside of the panel.


That is actually a great idea that I didn’t consider. Hmm. I’m still waiting for a response from their Twitter account.