Replacement buttons on TE2 are loose


I have a Killer Instinct Xbone TE2 stick. I ordered some different colored Sanwa OBSC30 buttons to go with the new art I’m printing. I’m running into some problems with the new buttons though.

I put the new buttons in, but they feel very loose and are not secure on the panel. When I look at them from underneath, it is clear that the lock tabs are not pressing against the underside of the panel. As a result, the buttons freely spin as well as bounce up and down slightly. When I compared the stock red/blue sanwa buttons with the new ones I bought, I noticed that the rim of the base has a lower profile on the new buttons. Did Sanwa change the OBSC buttons in the last few years? I’m surprised that new Sanwas don’t fit.

The buttons are a little better when I screw the LED board back in. It manages to sandwich most of the buttons in place, but the fierce punch and roundhouse kick still spin and bounce.

I looked for screw in buttons, but Sanwa doesn’t make translucent ones, so I guess those are out of the question. Anybody else run into this before? Is it common with the Xbone TE2s? Suggestions for ways to mod the buttons to get them to stay in place?


Did you take the clear spacers off the old ones and put them on the new buttons?


Nope! :o

I didn’t look closely enough and thought those were just part of the buttons. Now it all makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.