Replacement daughterboards archive


This may end up going nowhere. I’m not trying to use this for money, but I think it should exist somewhere at least to keep stick cases from being trashed.

The idea: I’d like to have a repository of drawings and gerber files (the files used to get pcb’s made) of the oddball daughter boards required in some sticks.

An easy example would be the Paewong Revolution. Most people gut the stick for the pcb. Sadly, this leaves the stick case completely useless because the pcb was what held the four control buttons in place and had the copper that those buttons were pressing against to activate those four buttons. With a quick drawing, it’d be easily to replace that part so the four buttons would stay in place, not look ghetto, and still be usable as buttons for whatever you threw into the stick.
There’s a similar daughterboard in the Namco stick; if that piece gets worn down, you’re stuck with a useless Namco. Unless there’s a way to get a replacement.

What I’d like to do: I’d like to have a repository of sorts that has the gerber files needed to make replacements, and the EAGLE files that created them, up and available. I’d be happy to host the files and link them here, and/or put them up on BatchPCB so they could be individually purchased for nothing more than what BatchPCB would charge to make them. I’ll even draw the files up from measurements.

What you can do to help: If you have a stick open that contains one of these boards, all you’d need is a scanner. Throw the pcb on your scanner, with the side the buttons make contact with DOWN, and scan it in with the highest resolution you can, and send the image file to me. I’ll use the scan to take measurements and get a replacement laid out. I’ll send back an image of the laid out board ready to print. You print it out, cut it out, and check how the layout matches your daughterboard. If all is good, I’ll have one made in my next batch of prototype PCBs I get made, and mail it to you.

Why should you care: I have an empty Paewong case that I’d like to make into an NES or SNES stick for my 2y/o niece to bang on. You may have a Namco with dying control buttons. Or want to use the sliders on the HRAP2 case with your new wizbang stick. Or want to replace the TvC stick LED board with one you can use with your padhacked 360 controller. These little slide switches and LEDs and smoosh down buttons are there, built into the stick. We should be able to keep using when we upgrade the rest of the stick. This isn’t something anyone can make any money off of, but we can keep otherwise good cases from being thrown away.

So, if you’d like to help, scan away. Some of the important ones I think should be started with:
Namco control button daughterboard (L1, L2, Start, Select board)
Hori HRAP1/HRAP2 slider board
Paewong Revolution main board <— Done!
Hori corner smoosh button board (GC Soulcalibur 2 stick, Tekken 4, Tekken Tag stick, tons of others)
Hori Wii arcade stick (turbo slider board)

Currently available daughterboards:
Paewong Revolution:

Yet another mayflash mod

Well I do have one of Meus’s namco’s in my possession that I’m modding. I’ll be able to scan that daughterboard.

Other than that I’m in the same boat as you with the paewong stick. Got the case but the pcb was gutted out. If you really want to do something with it immediately I found that the pushbuttons at radioshack fit perfectly in the small holes ( .


I will send you Namco and HRAP tonight.

Do you want HORI Fighting Stick EX2?
I can do that also.


ooo, good call, yes, please do.


Okay, sending in some hours.


hope i scanned it right lol! i couldnt do max dpi or whatever my system coudlnt handle or something. never knew images could do that to my computer haha.


I have some ASCII PS2 & DC daughterboards. I’ll see if I can bring them into work and use a scanner.


You would be a god if you could make this happen for me. I picked up a TvC stick yesterday to make a MegaMan themed stick for my 11 year old brother for christmas, only to bring it home and and forget I don’t have a 360 SE daughter board laying around to swap in. Just out of curiosity, how much would getting a pcb like this fabricated cost, roughly?


this is a great idea, and will benefit may people in the community! using the examples given, then it would be possible to get replacement turbo panels made for TEs and SEs, if it was all documented and sent to you using the steps you provided? wow a lot of people should be interested in this, or will be once their sticks start to malfunction…


Okay, I’m uploading them now.


Here the pictures Toodles.


jamesphopho, the scan turned out perfect. I had to use some command line linux tools because the original image was too large to load in memory, but once I cropped it, it worked perfectly. I’ve got it laid out already and I’m tweaking a few parts to fit better. Thanks to you, I should have the first entry in the archive done by morning, and I fully plan to get a few made in my next batch of prototype pcb’s I get made.

I’m already taking measurements to see about making a replacement for the SE/TE stick’s LED boards. Because of the slider switches on one side, and the connectors on the other, scanning it is right out. So stay tuned, I’ll have an entry for the SE/TE LED boards up in the archive as soon as I can.
About pcb fab costs, that’s a difficult question. Let’s take the TE LED pcb as an example. Even once its fabbed, you’re looking at about $3-4 in parts from digikey. 12 LEDs, a diode, four surface mount resistors, three JST connectors, and two slider switches. Just making sure you knew about that. The pcb itself is about 96mm wide by 53mm long, so 4 inches by 3 inches as far as BatchPCB is concerned, so 12 sq inches at $2.50 a sq in + $10 setup fee per order means a single board would be about $40 for one.
Or find some like minded people and order a batch from, and get a batch of around 20 made for $100.

Scanning difficulties aside, I’m cool on the TE/SE part since I can take calipurs to the ones I have here.

Awesome, I’ll get to work on it.


Paewong is done, and appears correct by my crappy ‘cut out and compare to case’ test methods. I’ll get a pair made asap to try out for real. On to the ones JDM sent.


So the scans are cool?
I was afraid they not good.

I couldn’t get three of three EX2 PCB to be super flat.
One is slightly lifted on one corner.

Just because I didn’t want to desolder.


yeah you’re welcome. seems this was my only way to contribute some how on the forums hehe

also, here is the link. just in case someone else wants hehe

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

*for paewong


They’re working so far.
The Namco is done. If anyone with easy access to the innards of a Namco case would print the .png and see how it compares, it’d be appreciated. I’m mostly worried about the size of the drill holes.


Would you be interested in the boards for assorted MVS and arcade PCB’s? I have a Garou cart with a daughterboard on it and though I know where MVS scans are that repository does not have daughterboards. Not to mention all the crazy arcade pcb’s out there, I have a box full of broken boards and more one of those has a daughterboard on top.


Im just focused on arcade stick daughterboards required to make the stick physically work. So I’m not worried about the main stick pcb’s that hold the controlling electronics, but am worried about the ones used with smoosh buttons and cheap sliders.

P.S. you getting the Neo->PSX or passing it up?


Do you still need the EX2 Toodles? What about the FS3? I can also get you the SE and TE Round 2 while I’m at it


HRAP/HRAP2 added. Paewong boards arrived today and worked BEAUTIFULLY. I’ll be placing an order than includes the Namco and HRAP boards tonight, but I dont know when I’ll be able to test them out.