Replacement for 360 Pad


Except for a stick is there a replacement for the xbox 360 pad.

I need a cheap fix until my stick arrives. I am struggling so much with the anologue and the d-pad is just naff. Also the trigger buttons are kinda annoying.

Maybe I’m complete rubbish,lol but im finding it really slow to perfom basic moves like block on time. Even when i know an opponent is about to hit me, i block but the character reacts soo slowly. Anybody else having this problem?


sfiv fightpad? or just another xbox 360 pad? and if you can’t block you suck and need to practice more.


Never had a problem with my 360 controller. Using a stick doesn’t make you block better. Blocking better is well… better. This is why the we have such a shortage on TE sticks. It’s like the Wii all over again.


I just feel like it was slow to respond. I used my mates sf fightpad and had no problem with timing, block kicks and combos were all done nicely. However with the 360 pad i feel like there is a slight delay.

Anything street fighter relatied in london is pretty much sold out, except for the game, lol