Replacement for Start & Select Buttons in SF Stick?

Well guys today my little cousin rape my stick, the start and select buttons dont work at all, i swap these buttons to L1 and L2 temporally.

I dont know what buttons buy for replasament, anyone can help me?


Happ concave or competition will both fit. If you stick is unmodded, the concave would match the other buttons.

I’m pretty sure the SFAC sticks used smaller start/select buttons for which Happ have no equivalent. Probably the closest match is a Sanwa/Seimitsu 24 mm button, but do measure the hole first before ordering…

I already think in Sanwa or Seimitsu little buttons, but i dont know if they fit in the hole, other problem is the longitude of the button body, the stock buttons are a little large, and i think Sanwa buttons its very short.