Replacement headset jack? (360 SE Fightstick)

So I was playing Blazblue, and all of a sudden the audio on my headset went out. I double checked that the headset was fine, tested it on my TE stick, all fine.

Go back to the SE stick and the audio is dead.

I popped the SE open and the connectors are fine. I’m thinking the actual jack itself has gone kapoot. The rest of the stick works perfectly.

Is there any replacement jack I could install in there instead? I already have the stick Sanwa’d out, so not like my warranty is still applicable, and it’s just a 2.5mm jack, right? Is there any part I could rig up in there cosidering the native connector? :sweat:


I ended up spraying some deoxidizer in there, working the headset jack in and out a few times (lewdly), and letting it sit over night.

Seems to have done the trick, at least for now, it’s working again. :slight_smile:

Sweet. Nothing like a little lube and some slip and slide to get everything going again.