Replacement HRAP EX PCB?


Does anyone know where I could find a replacement pcb for the HRAP EX? It’s not under warranty anymore so Hori won’t do anything about it.



Just use a 360 wired controller.


Yea your probably going to have to put in a 360 wired controller. If you don’t want to change the joystick that is already in there, be sure its a Non-common ground PCB, which I think most of the Official Microsoft controllers are. If you can find an Hori EX2 for cheap, you can also use that one too. Probably be the easiest to solder if your not good at it. You would really only need to solder the first two buttons. The other four buttons and the joystick all have wires which are soldered to the main bored. Just extend those wires using terminal strips.


He could use a common ground PCB, all you’d have to do is use one of the wires and chain it to each ground on the microswitches.


You know what, your right i’m an idiot. I’ve actually done that before on a Wii Hori Stick.


I would prefer to stick with the original board if at all possible, I already made up a pcb to handle a common ground stick.


Your best bet is to try the trading outlet then. Maybe you can find someone that switched the old PCB out and still has it.


I figured as much, I don’t have enough posts to do a want add though. Thanks for everyone’s replies.

I’ve already rewired almost everything with connectors like the USB in has, as well as replaced most of that terrible ribbon wiring. The PCB still works I just messed up a trace when I was changing one of the two electrolytic caps. I have it jumped with a piece of wire now, but on a stick I don’t know how reliable it will be. I’d take a picture but I never seem to have them come out well at night.