Replacement Joystick Cable?

I have a first edition TE stick and for some reason when I was doing things inside the joystick cable I have now has one of the wires out causing the up motion not to register. I’m not sure how to go about this and was wondering if this is the thing I need to get to fix and replace the broken cable. Thing is, I see the other end doesn’t have a pin thing to plug into the PCB of the fight stick and looks completely different than what is in the stick now.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out or direct me to what I need to remedy this situation.

You can buy that harness you pointed to and cut/strip the cables from the black adapter then reconnect them with the jlf harness.

You can cut the connector and solder the cables to the pins on the joy stick.

You can buy the little connectors that are used in computers, the ones that connect the motherboards to cases.

Definitely going to have to ask my friends who are more skilled in soldering to help me out. Thanks for the advice.