Replacement Panel


Hey guys, so i’m finally getting around to replacing the art on my TE. the thing is though i don’t want to peel off the old art from the panel. So what i’m wondering here is if theres anyone that sells replacements panels in the FGC.

i know art does some replacement panel plexis but i’m not sure if i can put artwork + plexi on top of the panel plexi AND still fit the bezel.


Lightning Label Customs was the go-to source, but they’re shutting down. They might still be taking orders, but you’re going to have to wait a loooooooooong time before you get your panel. Think months, not weeks.

Other than that, I believe Voltech is going to start offering panels soon, but I’m not sure when he’s starting up.


hey thanks for the info. i really don’t want to wait. might just scour the trading post and see if theres a spare panel for sale lol


The art on the TE comes off really easy its just a little bit of glue and it does not hurt the art its not like hori’s or SE’s


Yeah, AFAIK they just just use some glue tape on the edges, not the entire panel. Nothing that rubbing alcohol and a towel can’t tackle in 5 minutes.


haha alright cool. thanks guys!