Replacement pcb for Seimitsu ls-32-01

Ok i’m going a little crazy here, I have a broken switch on a ls-32-01 stick, when you press it (to the right) there is a noticeable give and it stops registering input. Is there anyway to repair this stick? I would prefer to purchase a new pcb but if I had to, replacing the switch is also an option. I try not to post threads that are redundant but google is not helping me with this one.


Go to and to the right of the LS-32 joystick you can order a component individually. You could get a single microswitch and swap it by soldering, or you can buy a substrate (PCB) and solder in 4 new switches if you want a new PCB. It doesn’t look like you can buy a PCB pre-assembled. Soldering Iron required.

We’ve got a few replacement PCB’s for 32-01’s, although they’re not up on the website… Send me an email if you’re interested…



Emailed :slight_smile: