Replacement ProCable for madcatz killer instinct fightstick?

So it looks like my dog decided to chew on my cord and now I can’t connect my fightstick to the xbox. I’ve searched the internet far and wide and can’t seem to find a place to buy a replacement cable. Has anyone had any luck tracking one down? I emailed madcatz but I was hoping I could just order one already, I need me some Killer Instinct.

Any usb cable should work. You will have to do some soldering.

Any USB cable that works that has the same connector (USB Male-A) as your current cable. Depending on where your dog chewed it, you have a few options:

  1. Cut off the chewed ends (about half an inch on both side) and connect the ends together.
  2. Cut off the chewed ends, and install the new USB cable on it.
  3. Replace the whole cable.

As to how you can connect it? You can either soldier the wires together or use a crimp connector. Soldering is preferred as it’s a much more solid and clean connection, takes up less space, and looks far more professional. Crimps will work, but they’re bulky, and you’ll have to offset the cut cables to make sure it doesn’t bunch up in one space, and looks like shit.

Wrap it all up with either electrical tape (with or without adhesive) and you’re golden.

I’m surprised MadCatz isn’t offering the ProCable yet.

I believe they’re in the process. I spoke to @MarkMan‌ during NCR regarding TE2 parts and he said they’re in the works!

Try reaching out to him and see if he can help you for a replacement cable!

I’m actually game for an extra cable!
Coming from sound engineering, extra backup cables never hurt!
With that case, shorter USB cable for tourney use please! (Hint hint!)

I thought the TE2 cable was the same as the one for the MLG Pro Controller? Did they not offer the MLG Pro Controller cable separately?

Good point! You may be right and it would make sense for production cost…

About replacement cable, idk if they do offer it (yet). Maybe the controller’s so PRO that it doesn’t need replacement cables lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Does not exist.

It’s a USB cable. It’s not engineered to perfection for each arcade stick. Just go to monoprice, pick up the right one and the right length, and go nuts.

Contact and fill out a service ticket, explain the situation and we’ll try to take care of you asap.


Awesome CS! :slight_smile:


Do you think they can help me out with a new cable? I can’t find my receipt and the store manager over at gamestop in Castle Rock, CO said they can only go back to the last 5 transactions. I submitted a ticket and I’m hoping they can help me out. My cable is loose right where it connects/screws in even after screwing it in and any type of movement disconnects it from the Xbox One. Any help or pull will be greatly apprciated.


Everything you needed to know is already in the thread.

It does indeed use the same connector.

They did, at a point. Hopefully it will be available on the site again soon.

You can import new ProCables from Japan. They sell under MLG ProCable and are available in 1.5 or 3m lengths in a variety of colors. As to why Mad Catz sells them freely in Japan and not in the US, only The Shadow knows.

Sorry about the thread resurrection, but is this still the case? I’m trying to find an orange 3 meter procable. What site do you import them from?

Edit: Seems like they don’t have anymore and don’t even plan to make more, the beauty of making weird connection cables…

you filled out a support ticket?

I found a Japane se Amazon account that has pink and green, but that’s it.