Replacement PS3 Home/Turbo Board for Madcatz SSF4 TE "S" Fightstick

So I was trying to figure out why my board no longer works, and apparently I found that the PS3 Homebutton board “not sure what its called” burned out. How would I go about trying to get a replacement board for that? And if not, Are there any recommended websites for beginners in having to mod/make their own Arcade stick? It seems like the board is only partially fried, the connectors work and everything, The lights on the board light up when I hit a button, it just wont recognize when I plug it into my PS3, ( btw I know it was burned by the blackness on the PS3 home button board, and some of it sprayed onto the top panel of the board when it shorted out. I would really prefer just being able to get a new home board ordered ,but not sure where or how I would go about this? Any help is gratefully appreciated.

if this matters, its the one with Ryu and Ken on it with no bevel on the sides.

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Anyway, the turbo panel can be salvaged from any madcatz fightstick, whether it be the SE, the WWE Brawlstick, or even another TE where someone is removing the turbo panel. It isn’t necessary, and if you disconnect it your TE should work all the same but you won’t have a Home button or the Turbo features.

His is PlayStation 3 TE.
The actual PlayStation 3 PCB is the Turbo Panel.

So what exactly does that mean then? am i pretty much screwed, or are parts available for that item? or a potential replacement part?

If you can find a turbo panel or PS3 TE-S PCB, then you can swap it in easily. Best place to go would be Trading outlet.