Replacement screws for TE stick

One of the screws on my TE stick has gotten stripped and while I am still able to open the stick, I want to swap out the screw. The screw I’m referring to is on the top, holding the panel on top onto the body of the stick. The black screw, that requires an allen wrench to open. Does anyone here know what I can use as a replacement?

If you over tightened it . You may have to open it up. The screws fit in to a nut thats held in to place by some lock tight. If the screw is not moving around, it may still be stuck onto the lock tight. Open it up and glue the nut back in place. While you are in there you may as well glue the others in place so this will not happen again.

Thanks for the help guys.

I ordered some replacement ones for my TE sticks from this site: . Great prices, service, and fast shipping.

I emailed madcatz and they sent me 12 replacement screws. I told them flat out that I opened my two sticks and they screws had started to strip and the guy asked for all my info and address and sent me them. Really easy that way and free.

I must say, if Mad Catz UK showed as much helpful support as Mad Catz US, I’d be infinitely smiling.