Replacement Screws for top of Madcatz TE Versus Stick?


Hey guys, I just re did a new Versus stick with art and plexi and buttons but the seller I got the stick from did a real number on the Alan Key screws that hold the art down on the stick. They are all stripped beyond use. I got them out but I am not putting them back in. Any idea where I can find some nice replacements? My local hardware store was no help. They said it’s a weird “in-between” size.


They look like they’re the same as the regular TE sticks (note that the correct name of the stick is the “Mad Catz Fightstick V.S. Edition”, there’s no “TE” in the name).

If they are, Toodles sells sets at:
$4 for 6 replacement bolts, with a color selection as well.





Just got the screws and they fit perfectly!