Replacement Side Panels for Madcatz TE

Does anyone here have any experience getting these from Madcatz? Is it even possible?

I’m looking for some black TE side panels to replace my current ones. I’m trying to avoid the use of paint. Any help would be appreciated.

I’d just paint it, I don’t think madcatz will ship you that.

or sell urs and buy a round 2 te

I would like to do that actually. That was my plan. Unfortunately for me, I’m not yet allowed to make a WTS post here. Ebay takes such a huge cut it’s unbearable.

i know i sold alot of stuff on ebay they rape u but sometimes sells alot faster then here so i take the loss

Some industrious member of our community should start manufacturing replacement side panels for the TE. Ya know exact replacement panels but just in different colors and even different shapes similar to the ones that come on the new SUPER version of the TE. I also don’t wanna paint mine. I know if I tried it wouldn’t look right.

THey don’t just pop off, they’re part of the whole case. You can’t simply just make replacements and fit them on.

They do pop off.

i think they do come off but honestly you have to disassemble the whole case to do so…
it’s really not worth the time or effort.

i highly doubt that anyone will come up with an aftermarket version for this. just for the simple fact all the research and dev to make quality molds would force them to sell each pair for $30+. do you really see anyone paying up for that? i tell ya people are soooooo cheeeeeaaaaap nowadays.

your best bet is to tape off the sides - sand and paint - repeat a couple of times till desired effect then clear coat the crap out of it.