Replacement TE joystick? Asus VH236H?

Hi, 2 questions.

One, I’m a TE owner, and been enjoying my stick.
I went to an arcade to play AE, and noticed they have a very nice sturdy joystick! I would like that! I’m being vague yes I know, but I don’t know how else to put it.
My question is, would you recommend me to replace my stock TE joystick, for something better, and if so, which joysticks are better?

Also, I’m planning on getting an ASUS VH236H, but there no where to be found in UK, some sites directed me to a VH242H, which I think is a slightly larger sized one. Are there any differences in the “lagless” functions between the two?

What exactly was the stick that the arcade was using. Also, the stick in the TE is that standard stick used in official SSFIV AE Vewlix cabs.

There is no “better” joystick, it just depends on your wants out of a joystick. Stiffer joystick could be the Seimitsu LS-56-01, for example. But if you get that, you need to get MS mounting plate for it, too. Here’s a full chart of attributes of joysticks:

Note, TE can’t mount Happ joysticks without serious modding.

Also note, Only Seimitsu joysticks ending in -01 and Sanwa JLF-TP can use the 5-pin connector. Sanwa JLW and Seimitsu Joysticks not ending in -01 will require some rewiring, and won’t be simple drop-in replacements.

For a monitor I’d suggest the VW246H or VK246H, both reported to be near lagless (<8ms) or lagless by users on the HDTV thread here.
I have no experience with the VH242H. Googling the model has mixed reviews.

I’ve heard that a JLW with a spring from an RC cars suspension feels pretty close to a Happ.

He’s in the U.K. so if I’m not mistaken, he may’ve seen seen Wico parts. They’re European based, right? Not that it makes a huge lot of difference since I hear both Happ and Wico joysticks share largely similar properties, although some people seem to prefer the Wico parts. Especially since HAPP apparently switched microswitch brands as of late, from cherry to e-switch or at least so I think I read in the PDP Mortal Kombat fightstick thread.

Edit: I may’ve confused Wico with IL…

IL is similar to Happ. But the PDP stick uses Zippy Microswitches.

VH242H is not good for gaming. That is a 5ms response time monitor which is the same as most HDTV. You can get ANY lcd monitor for gaming as long as its 2ms or lower.

The response times for both are for gray-to-gray response times, which are not a good measure for any kind of lag. Even if it did, you’re looking at a 3ms difference, which is difference of 0.17 frames.

Response times actually don’t have anything to do with lag. Read up on this thread to find out more about HDTVs/monitors.

I own the VH242H and my roommate owns the VH236H. I can’t tell the difference between the two unless I look at the serial number sticker. Both have been run during play and no one’s ever complained about any sort of lag.

I haven’t run any official lag tests on my VH242H but I’ve never had any issues with it.

Snownation, if you’re in the UK and you want to know if an LCD monitor has significant lag issues, I recommend . They test a lot of LCD monitors against a CRT for lag issues amongst various other things. , for your convenience. As the HDTV thread says, anything under 8ms is ideal.

Hope this helps.

Just spring mod your TE joystick. pull it out and stretch it and your good.

i’m using an ls 56-01 to me it just seems more precise easier to pull off dp motions. it’s also helped me move to a stick to play MK as I felt the jlf was too loose for the game.