Replacements for hori ex2 top buttons?

Anyone have any ideas what I can use to replace the four top bottons on a hori ex2? I screwed up one of the daughterboards underneath them, and am thinking of just replacing them with something that uses microswitches instead.

Seimitsu or Sanwa buttons would be fine
Make sure you measure those button holes so you know how much room you got to work with.
I think 24mm is too small and 30 mm is too big, I am not sure, which is why i asking for you to measure first.
Some filing with a round or rat-tail file or use a grinder can widen those wholes. If you use a ginding tool like a dremle go slow so you do not take too much material and make the hole too big.

Umm - I’m talking about the four buttons that are on either side of the XBOX button…I think they’re a bit smaller than 24mm. ^^;;

I meant the A,B,X,Y and so on. As I am unsure of the size is why I mentioned to measure them first. If the button holes are smaller than 24 mm, the actual button size is up to you.

those four small function buttons looks really small. I’m guessing you could try 12mm buttons like Weco buttons. If it’s any smaller, you’re out of luck unless you drill out the holes a bit more.

Sanwa makes some 12mm buttons too, but they look conspicuous in a “horrid” way. They have “push on” written on them and only come in black and red.

these fit.

Red Button SPST Pushbutton Switch -

3A 125V SPST Normally Open Pushbutton Momentary Switch -