Replacing 360 case


Hey folks, was hoping somebody might be able to help me out. My kid brother got a pretty mangled 360, it’s one of the Halo ones. It’s missing a few vital pieces, the hard-drive which I know has to be replaced. But it’s also missing whatever connects on the other side of the case. Mine is in for repair so I can’t really see what it’s supposed to be. Also the silver door for the CD drive is missing. I’m wondering if there is any semi cheap ways for me to replace the whole case for him?

Thanks for any help.


ebay should be a good source for a fooked xbox or case which u can use for a swap out

think there are after market cases available but i dont think they do the silver door trim in the kit


I have some spare parts from an old 360 that went south on me

shoot me PM when you get a chance