Replacing a broken wire in HRAP3:SA, plz help

A couple of days ago my HP button stopped responding on my HRAP3:SA. I opened up the lid, thinking it was a QD causing the problem, when to my dismay I discovered that the purple wire mapped to HP was shorn off, to the point where the gold-colored wiring was severed. This explains why the HP input was not getting recognized.

I’m not sure what the cause of this is, could be from heat or a short circuit. I have not done extensive modding and never tampered with the wires, but I do have considerable play time logged on so it could be from that.

If anyone could kindly give me advice on how to fix this broken button wire. I was thinking of cutting away the damaged section and reconnecting it somehow. or if this is not feasible, replacing the wire altogether. It is only one of the parallel wires leading to HP, and not both that is damaged.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

how far from the qd is the tear in the wire? If you have enough length you can just cut, strip, crimp the wire with a new qd and you’ll be good to go.

the damaged area is quite far away from the QD, unfortunately.

You could quite easily cut away the damaged part and solder the wire back together. If you have any soldering experience this would be an incredibly easy job (you really can’t screw it up). Then just wrap electrical tape around the exposed wire and hook it back in.

If it’s not long enough then you’ll have to desolder (either with a sucker or braid) and resolder. I’m not sure what the HRAP PCB is like, so this could either be quite easy or quite difficult.

On second though if it’s not long enough, then you could always just solder in some EXTRA wire. So instead of 1 solder consisting of just the existing wires being soldered together, you’d have this:

PCB =====existing wire====== (solder) ====patch wire=====QD

It’s probably best to avoid soldering to the PCB unless you know what you’re doing, so I’d go that route if you can’t just solder the existing wire together.

You dont know anyone that can solder? It would be easiest to solder the wire and put some electrical tape on it. If not you can get something called a butt connector. You just get the bad wire, cut it strip both ends, then stick them in and crimp the connector. no soldering required. THis might be the best option for someone that cant solder.

Clembo, you beat me. lol

heres a pic of the connector im talking about

thanks for all the advice guys. I think I’m going to cut away at the damaged section and solder it, though admittedly I don’t really have experience in this department. It appears I do have enough slack on the wire to cut away without adding any new wire. Question, when I solder the wires together, do I need to remove the purple color encasing and leave the copper colored wires exposed first, or can I just solder everything together?

You need to strip it back so it’s copper on copper. When you’re done wrap a little electical tape around the join, or put on a little heat shrink.

Here’s a pretty good [media=youtube]BLfXXRfRIzY"[/media]. Just ignore the fact he can’t pronounce soldering.

You have to strip the insulation off exposing the wire. Then you need to twist the two ends of wire together, then solder.

Do you already have all the materials to solder? Solder iron and solder? About $15-$20.

If not, the butt connector will only cost like 20 cents. Just something to think about.

found this vid, pretty cool new thing to replace the old style butt connectors

sweet! I think I will go for the butt connector route. And thanks for posting the gif of the connector with the Chinese translation for it since I’m in Taiwan and I did not want to ask for a “butt connector” and get a strange reaction. :rolleyes:

Sorry for the newb question, but how do you “crimp” something?

you use a crimping tool or pliers which can be alittle tricky but doable.

Heres a random vid i found. Dont mind his “cowboy” talk. lol Im from Texas, how ironic

That is a cool Tap AJtheMishima.
I’ve only seen the traditonal ones.

eruditemode, here is just for reference on how to do things correctly.

Not much talk about Butt Connectors though. :sad:

If you don’t have an soldering Iron or crimping tool but have scissors, small flat head screwdriver and a hobby knife already, you can get a eurostyle terminal block/strip. (about $3)

Cut off one block (pair of screws that share the barrel) with scissors, take a hobby knife to strip the ends of the wire, and then you can stick both ends in and screw them down. Probably the cheapest and requiring the tools that you probably already have. Save the rest in case you ever need to easily splice a wire.