Replacing artwork on Q4RAF


I was wondering what is the best way to remove the original artwork from the stock plexiglass on the q4raf? I’d rather remove the original art than purchase a new plexi.


No, you really wouldn’t. The original artwork on the stock Q4RAF plexi is painted on. It is likely going to take a solvent of some sort to get it off. The odds of destroying the plexi or damaging it badly enough such that whatever new artwork is introduced is difficult to see is very high. Much, much simpler to simply buy the replacement plexi.


I’m not sure if it’s painted it, but it certainly does feel like the original artwork is glued on pretty tight. There’s no real way to remove it without damaging either yourself or the material.

Either buy a new plate and put on your own printed art, or add on a plexiglass + art underneath.