Replacing Blu-Ray drive in a PS3

Has anyone attempted to swap out the Blu-Ray drive in their Playstation 3 game systems? I purchased a faulty system from eBay for about $90 ($75 + $15 for shipping) with the intention of fixing the drive and bringing the system back in full working order. I got the impression from the seller that the laser in the old drive was fine, but the gears were shot because his kids crammed a disc into the drive.

The current plan is to get a drive without mechanical issues, put the working components from the old drive into it, then install it into my machine. Has anyone attempted this? The YouTube videos make it look easy, but I’m not sure it actually will be. I’m a little worried about complications, like incompatibilities between the two drives.

If you’re unsure as to what needs doing exactly, might just be easier to put in a complete new drive. On the other hand, if you do know exactly what’s up, swapping the parts over shouldn’t be too bad. I’ve swapped bits from CD drives around (not a blu-ray from a PS3 mind but should be the same). Either way, bare in mind you’re gonna have to take the drive out to do the work on it (I would imagine). Make sure there’s no power to it (for simplicity) if you have to take the actual drive apart, don’t wanna laser your eyes out!

Thanks for the information. Yeah, I haven’t been working with the drive with the system turned on. You have to take the drive out of the system and disassemble it just to reach the laser, so I shouldn’t have to worry about the laser burning out my retinas!