Replacing Fighting Stick 3 PCB

hey guys, well, i have a Hori fighting stick 3 on the way, on the off chance it doesn’t work correctly on my pc, i was wondering if i replaced the PCB from my USB game pad, with the one inside the FS3 would it work correctly?

You can gut the FS3 and put the PCB from a USB game pad in, sure. You will likely lose PS3 compatability though, especially with PS2 BC games. You may want to look into getting on my Cthulhu boards from LizardLick. Check the ‘Thinking about making a new board’ thread for details on it, but if the FS3 doesn’t work on your PC, you could put a Cthulhu in and have it working with both PS3 and PC. If you don’t care about PS3 support, then just gank it and put in the USB pad pcb.

Cool mate, thanks for the reply. I received it a couple of hours ago, and luckily it works! no drivers required :smiley: thanks for the help anyways. Now i have to get used to using stick now, seems impossible to use hehe :slight_smile: