Replacing IPAC in MAME cabinet with 2 Cthulhu boards?


Thinking about this for 2 reasons:

  1. My IPAC is slightly glitchy, I have restart the PC in order to get it to work every time I boot the PC.

  2. I want to use my cabinet controls for the PC version of SF4, but it doesn’t let both players be controlled via keyboard. Thinking that getting a couple Cthulhus should alleviate this issue.

Only problem is that I’m not sure there’s a MAME frontend that can be controlled via controllers…

Anyone have experience with this or other thoughts?


Probably a question for an engineer, but I was also wondering about any difference in performance between the keyboard route (IPAC) and USB. USB seems like a more complicated architecture, so maybe it has more overhead?


I did the same thing, simply cause the Cthulhus are easier to work with in general, and I wanted to be able to swap a PS3 or PC or w/e in/out of my cab, works fine.


Do you have any frontends installed?


No, I don’t use Mame, so can’t speak to that.