Replacing JLF pcb with micro switches?


I want to use micro switches instead of the jlf pcb since the pad hack that was done for me uses quick disconnects and 2 wires for each directional point. What micro switch is recommended and will I need any screws to use the switches?

I have some omron switches that I salvaged from an old mayflash joystick, would they work or are they not worth the effort? Thanks


Yes replacing the TP-MA PCB Assembly with 4 micro-switches do work, especially if you are working on an arcade stick that does not have a common ground.

Omron switches will work as the TP-MA PCB uses Omrom.

Cherry, Zippyand most other brand switches will work as long as the micro-switches are a particular type

Like this

Here is an example of a cherry micro-switch.

These switches will work too, as long as you remember to remove the level from each switch.


Yeah the omron switches I have look like a black version of the cherry switch. Thanks for the reply and info! Will the gate hold the switches in place or do I need screws?


No, it will fit in the nubs that are in the JLF, and will be held in place by the gate.


Nice! Thanks