Replacing JLW Spring with JLF

Bought a custom modded arcade stick a while ago and noticed that it had JLW stick instead of JLF.

Seems like JLW spring is alot more stiff than the JLF (which i assume is what they use in the arcades), so my question is - would it be possible to replace a JLW spring with a JLF one?

I looked at the size comparison and JLW spring is alot bigger, so I don’t know if it’s possible.

Realistically I can handle the stiffness of JLW but if its possible to get it as soft as JLF then that’d be sweet.

Thanks guys.

Not sure if this will work, but I would order a few JLW springs and then cook if for a little bit in a bbq pit using only a handfull of charcoal like 5 pieces. get them to ash over and stick the spring in there for a minute and alternate the times. Heat weakens a spring but it can also damage it. Otherwise you can try to find another compression spring at a hardware store.

Mmm I had a look at and I found -

So I’m guessing I’ll just order the LS-32 and fit it right in?

Can’t you just replace the whole JLW it with a JLF?

Yea the LS-32 spring is bigger than the stock JLF spring. In this picture you can see that it is kinda the same size as the JLW spring

^----. This.

I’d get it replaced but the way he built it makes it really really hard to replace the whole stick itself.

I’d rather just a less stiff spring, I have no problems with the JLW.

But wont you have to take out the stick to properly replace the spring anyway?

Nah I remember when fixing it abit I only had to remove a small bit of the joystick whilst the actual mount of the joystick was still intact.