Replacing joystick on Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick V.S

The joystick on my VS stick has been messing up recently. I was thinking about replacing it and the buttons at the same time, but the problem is that I’ve never opened up a stick before.

All the videos I find online are for other sticks, (not sure if they’re just all the same or…?) and I can’t find one for the specific stick I’m using.

Anyone have any info or tutorials for this? The joystick in particular.

It’s the same as any other stick with a Sanwa JLF. Save yourself some money (not to mention some of the work) and replace the micro switch assembly rather than buying a whole new lever. You can replace the button micro switches as well.

While you’re at it, replace the pivot, and the spring retension, and IMHO, upgrade the spring and the actuator. And get some molycote.

HI!!! I was looking exactly for a thread like that. The video on YouTube unfortunately didn’t help me at all… Zombie did you replaced it?

I own a versus sh bought in Japan couple of years ago, playing yesterday the balltop fall in his place o.o I was shocked… I have opened the upper part where the buttons also are but I cannot understand how the mounting plate is sticked to the iron plate… It’s glued or whatever?! I had a round 1 TE before and it where held in place with the screws. Here looks not, what the hell!? Please hint me how to fix that stick X’D

There is probably glue over the screws, the mount should be the same. If you’re still having trouble, post a picture and I’ll be more specific.

Looks so but it’s crazy to me… And I have to glue on it again? I expect before or later it shall fall again… Here the pics, I make a lot to give a better idea of the situation, note screws are there but don’t fit the holes and the little one haven’t nothing where the position with the mounting plate in position on what looks the correct one.

lol of course I forgot to post the link, here the pics, thank you for your time.

That part was originally welded on. The same goes for SE and TE panels.
If you want the original durability, you’ll need to weld it back on.

Not really sure how this managed to happen…

Wow, didn’t expect that at all. Yeah, that will need to be welded back on. If you don’t know anyone who weeks, you could take it to a muffler shop, they will probably do it for a few bucks.

Welds can and do fail, I know when I had a weld break on a 18 speed mountain bike as I was going down a steep hill, Not fun.

Not the most recommended course, but the cheap and easy method is to 2-part-epoxy the mount plate back.
Welding is the preferred method.

Welds :expressionless: this is bad indeed -.-,

Unless you epoxy the mount back to the panel you have to replace that stick art.

You can have the part welded back into place, drill holes and have it bolted into place
Do both drill holes, bolt the thing into place and then weld