Replacing lubricant on a Sanwa JLF

(i’m using a ps3 round 1 tournament edition fightstick)

So my JLF sometimes has this problem of feeling a little gummy, and occasionally you feel a bump when inputting a direction. I checked it out and the lubricant isnt working properly, the gummyness is it getting stuck on the washer, and the bump feeling is when the joystick has moved the washer out of place because of being stuck on it.

I figured it would be cheaper (and faster) to buy a tube of new lubricant and apply it myself, rather than send it to madcatz to be fixed right? Plus, I’m not sure if madcatz would even do the job properly.

So I’d really appreciate some help about what new lubricant I should buy (I live in the UK), how far I should take the stick apart, what to clean it with, how I should apply the new stuff, etc. to get my stick feeling nice and smooth again.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Surprised I didn’t find that with the search box, it covers all my questions. Thanks!