Replacing ps3 hard drive

I am getting ready to replace my ps3 hard drive. I googled to see if using a 7200 rpm drive would be beneficial for it. Although it’s only a few seconds faster, I think it’s worth the few extra seconds considering that there is not much of a price difference between a 5600 rpm and 7200rpm drive. I have been hearing concerns about how 7200 rpm drives produces extra heat. Should I take that into consideration or is it a non issue? Not really sure.

I just bought Tekken 6 (very nice game by the way), and I was also wondering if it will reduce the load time to match the arcade’s. Considering that the hardware is the same, it’s just a matter of the arcade probably having a faster hard drive.

would this really speed up things for the ps3? 10000rpm!!! I can imagine tekken 6 loading speed would be the same as the arcade. PS3 would probably blow up though. lol

Thats a desktop size hard-drive. It would not fit in your ps3.

there’s a version where it’s 2.5 inches

but i guess it’s better to be safe than sorry. will just settle on a 5600 rpm drive. load times for games it’s doesn’t take as long as ps1 street fighter alpha 2 for the most part (i’m looking at you mgs4).

there are some crazy ppl though who uses a sort of extension cord to connect a regular size hard drive with a fast speed.

I replaced my original 80GB PS3 HDD with a Western Digital 5600 RPM 500GB HDD about 6 months ago.

I didn’t want to chance the potential variance in heat from a faster HDD, so I stuck with the 5600.

I have a Hitatchi travelstar, 320gb, 7200rpm, no issues in the year I’ve had it. But then, I keep mine dust free in a well ventilated area, and don’t usually go for marathon sessions with it.