Replacing PSP 2000 Housing

So I bought a used PSP 2000 a few weeks ago, in order to do some homebrew on it. I’ve enjoyed it, but seeing as it’s used, the screen has a few scratches on it, and the case has some as well. I’ve been meaning to replace the housing, but I’ve run into some purchasing issues. The first thing I ordered was a replacement faceplate, but the one I got was ALREADY scratched before I even took the plastic off it, not to mention overall a cheap build. Then I ordered a blue one from a US seller, but that was weeks ago, and now I’m probably going to have to contact eBay about him to get my money back. Most of the other sellers are located in Hong-Kong, and I’ve had really bad experience with buying products from there (usually knock-offs, broken, shipping takes forever). So does anyone know where I can order reliable casing from for a reasonable price that isn’t crap? I don’t mind too much if it’s not the official SONY model, just that it’s not utter crap.

Most replacement PSP housings that I’ve seen are relatively junk in quality. You won’t find anything as nice as the original from a 3rd party manufacturer.