Replacing Sanwa parts with Seimitsu

Hello everyone, I have a razer panthera and I’d like to replace the stick and buttons with seimitsu. I guess my first question is, is this even possible? And if it is, do I need anything special to do it? Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. Possible? Yes, 100%.
  2. Need anything special? As long as you get your stick casing open, no, everything is replaceable using just your hands.
  3. Questions like these should be asked in this thread: Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

ok thank you very much. Sorry I will post questions in that thread from now on. One thing I’m curious about, it says sanwa buttons are 30mm and seimitsu are 24mm, is that just the actual button and the housing the the same size?

For just replacing buttons, yeah you can just use your hands, but for the joystick you’ll need a phillips head screw driver and flat head screw driver.

If I can just ask one more question, I’m looking on and I’m not sure which seimitsu stick to choose. Which one would you guys recommend?

LS32 is my favorite stick, Its the second most used jpn stick besides the JLF. Have you tried any other sticks and want to change because you dont like the jlf or you just want something different?

well I just have a couple sticks with JLFs and I wanted to try a different one, and the panthera is the easiest to mod of the ones I have.

Seimitsu’s most popular lever is the LS-32, the LS-40 is popular among many members here, and the 56 is my personal favorite. So yeah, the 56 is what I’d suggest at the top, followed by the 40. Do note that if you get a 40 you’ll want the S plate with it, otherwise the lever will be super short. The 56 with the MS plate ( ) should match your JLF mounts and will be slightly shorter than your JLF, but personally I prefer it that way versus using an S plate with it, which makes it feel too tall IMO.

No. Sanwa makes both 24mm and 30mm buttons, Seimitsu also makes both 24mm and 30mm buttons.

Replace your 30mm Sanwas with 30mm Seimitus, and your 24mm Sanwas with 24mm Seimitsus.

@PresidentCamacho Wait, so what your saying is a S plate with acouple of washers would get the ls56 at the proper 23-24mm height? Your saying one way is too short and the other is too long? Thats strange. im not calling you out or anything btw

No, I was saying the 32/40 is way too short without an s plate, not the 56. The 56 has a longer shaft than the 32/40. 56 is slightly shorter than a jlf, still within “proper” mounting height range without using an s plate.

Ah OK, misread that.

@Yattagarasu, If you do get a sseimitsu ls-32, try not to get the (new 2017) version of the stick. The microswitches in that one are superior. The New 2017 stick features new micro switches that are as good functionally, but aren’t the same in terms of performance. The tabs on the switches are bent to compensate. The old switches are discontinued so i’d hold on to them if you replace them.