Replacing Sega Virtua Stick High Grade PCB

I’m wondering what would be the most effective PCB to use that isn’t a pain to install. I’ve heard some people mention the Joytron Paewang Revolution, the Datel Arcade Pro, and the Cthulhu. I’m not too sure what I’ll get and if anyone had any experience with these and the Virtua Stick.

I put the Joytron PCB in my VSHG - works like a charm. Be sure to get the optional harnesses from etokki as they help cut down on the soldering.

if you’re gonna replace the PCB, might as well go with a dual-mode pcb, and of these i think the qanba/paewang pcbs are the most compact options

That Joytron PCB sounds great, but I have no idea how to do soldering.

Its a great skill to develop and kinda fun! Here’s a good basic guide - will have the PS360+ in stock (soon-ish), but be aware that you need to solder for the 4 small buttons unless you want to replace them too – you’d have to measure them first, but have 16mm, 18mm and 20mm buttons for sale.

i put a sixaxis in mine. wireless is too much fun.

I don’t know the measurements of those top buttons either, but I know etokki also has 12mm and 16mm buttons on top of the sizes akihabarashop has.

EDIT: They also have 10mm.

You’re very likely not going to get away with a completely solderless swap, but with the PS360 or PS360+ the only buttons you’d need to solder for are the small buttons. Soldering to those isn’t hard even if you barely know what you’re doing (if you’re replacing the buttons that is).

The Cthulu’s and PS360’s have screw terminals, which means you wouldn’t need to solder to the PCB, just strip a little wire, and insert into the terminals and screw down, and crimp QD’s to the other end of the wire.

I mounted my PS360s with tightly strung cable zip ties and cable tie mounts. I did most all of these with virtually no knowledge on soldering. But as people say, it IS a good skill to learn.

I did not have to do any soldering when I modded my VSHG. You can strip the 5 wires that come from the daughter board and then use butt connectors to secure the wires coming from your PCB. I used an axis adapter and a sixaxis PCB. It was cool going wireless but not cool having to drill the case to install a neutrik USB mount. I have another VSHG that I am going to mod as soon as the PS360+ comes out. Its worth changing the VSHG’s PCB though. That was it’s only flaw. Follow the link below to check out Donavan Meyers VSHG flikr mod log.

I want to replace the PCB in my VSHG, I’ve got an Xbox controller to replace the PS3 one with but my only issue is the pressure pad PCB, where do I solder it on the controller? Currently all the buttons work except for the top row (Guide, Back, L2, R2).

Any help would be massively appreciated.

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Yes, the spots that I need to solder are on the diagram but it’s still not working, there’s a black cable and I’m not sure where I’ve got to solder that (you know, because I don’t know how to solder hence why I’m asking in this thread).

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