Replacing SF3 3rd Strike Sprites with Dragon Ball Z characters - Is it Possible?


I am a fan of DBZ and at the same time I think the 3rd strike engine is excellent.
So this idea came to mind… a DBZ mod of the game (simply changing the sprites, and perhaps names and voices).
I know that people edit sprite COLORS, but what about one big step further and replace the sprites?
I know that people have already modded 3rd strike (movesets, new moves, HP/dmg values, sounds, move properties, etc).

Not taking into account the huge number of custom drawn sprites this would need, is my vision possible?
Pretend that we do have all the sprite ready… is it?


Considering that no one outside of Capcom or IG has seen the source code, I’d say no. This isn’t something you can just do with hex editing after all.


Are there any examples in Capcom (or any) fighting games where sprites have been successfully replaced?


Not that I recall.

Then again, most people around here aren’t interested in that. We’d rather find ways to play the game as close as possible to the original arcade (if we can’t get on the actual arcade board itself) for competitive play.


It can take years or decades after the game is out of production.
Even then such modding isn’t easy and the work very tedious.

Its hard enough to to hex edit NES games, the 3rd strike arcade engine? thats a whole new can of worms.
I think people have a challenge just to get to the sprite information.


Why not focus on something it is actually possible and play Hyper DBZ and contribute feedback to the project team??


If you’re so insistent on a SFIII DBZ mashup, might I suggest learning how to build a video game from the ground up?


Surprised no one suggested Mugen yet


Technically, Hyper DBZ is made in MUGEN.


I definitely have been looking at Hyper DBZ. Still, it would probably be close to 3rd strike in terms of gameplay.

There are already Japanese guys who got the move set information and changed a lot of moves and properties successfully.
Is that much easier than getting the sprite information?


Yes. As changing art assets is harder than simply modifying hex values.


Even if you change the art assets you still have hit box overlays and stuff to match up, unless you made all the new graphics match the old ones. What would be the point of playing SF3 with DBZ graphics if it’s still SF3?

To be blunt, SF3 is not the type of engine that would work for a DBZ game. I don’t think it would have the feel a fun DBZ game would require.


modifying SF3 this much gets you to a point where it’s just easier to build a new game from scratch. get some engine available out there, put your dbz sprites there, program some kinda of parrying and be happy lol