Replacing SFAC cord

I’m expecting a SFAC stick with a shortened cord but was wondering how difficult it would be and how to replace it with say an AKUMA SFAC cord? Or standard dualshock cord.

As it stands, the shortened cord is lengthened via an PS2 extension cord.

Is this adequate or worth changing? I have yet to receive the stick.

If you are going to do that I think you might as well just change the PCB.

That sounds complicated can you explain your reasoning? Are you suggesting taking say the Akuma pcb, cutting and stripping the button and joystick wires in the sfac and soldering to the akuma pcb? I’m just guessing. I have no experience doing this.

You don’t need to cut and strip the wires, just desolder them. But yes that is basically what I’m saying. Or you can be ghetto and just tuck the existing wire into the case and use a really long extension cord if you don’t care about the XBox connection. I’ve done that before with ,y sticks and it works fine.

I have the same problem, has anyone else’s SFAC had the PS2 side of the stick not work? Right now only the Xbox side works on mine. Any ideas?

Change the PCB or buy an Xbox to PS2 adapter

I have the same exact problem.

I might be ghetto and do that. Do you think you can do the mod for me? Also I pm’d you and you never responded??

Hey I can Hack a dualshock PCB if you are interested?
I just Hack this one for a stick that am geting soon.

LOL Vampiro I got the stick from you!?!

Can you hack it and I can just swap the pcbs and add disconnects to the button wires??

LMAO, yeah I guess I can give a discount then.
tell you what, if you have any issues with the stick, I’ll hacked for you and just pay for the shipping

If you can do this hack why didn’t you replace the cord in the first place. You were trying to keep the xbox cord I’m guessing?

yes, besides the SFAC PCB works with the same adapters then the Dual shock.