Replacing SMDs on a 360 wireless controller with LEDS?

Trying to find out if it’s possible to replace the GUIDE BUTTON SMDs on an xbox 360 wireless controller with regular LEDs.

The hope being that I could then mount the LEDs on a custom stick to indicate player one, two, etc…

Has anyone done this? I can’t seem to find any examples searching the forum.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!

I haven’t seen anyone do it, but it definitely is possible. Just doublecheck the orientation of the SMD LEDs before you remove them to make sure the new LEDs are oriented properly.

I have done it on a Mad Catz 360 controller. The only draw back was, that they would glow dimly when the system was off. I couldn’t find any negative effects, so I left it that way.

Keep in mind that this may be an issue with the Mad Catz controller only. Please report your results.

I’ve done it, have a look here

Thanks, I checked out your thread. Very cool. I was wondering exactly what kind of LEDs you used to replace the four guide SMDs… I’m assuming a standard 3mm, 20mA, 2.5 to 3.0 Forward Voltage LED?

Thanks for all the replies. I’ll definitely post pics of whatever I come up with.

You know, to be perfectly honest, I can’t remember the exact specs of the LED’s I used. I bought a whole heap of them in various colours many moons ago from some guy in Hong Kong (via eBay)…

…but those specs you listed sound pretty accurate. :tup:

So I finally finished. Worked like a charm. Posted results here:

Looks great! Good job. :smokin: