Replacing stick from SFAC to Sanwa

Are there any Sanwa sticks that fit the SFAC joystick case without drilling new holes or woodwork? Or would I be better off with Happ Competition/Ultimate sticks?

No, none that will fit without adjusting the case. I sanded mine to get a JLW in, didn’t take very long.

Did you have to drill any new holes? And which model did you use?

maybe an S plate would help?

Ive never done it before but I would think that some modification would need to be made to the panel as well as drilling new holes.

Can’t help ya with what you want. I don’t think there’s japanese stick that mounts the same as American sticks.

You know, I wish somebody out there would manufacture an adapter mounting plate to allow Japanese sticks to mount to the same hole spacing that american sticks would use. It shouldn’t be anything more than just a different sized mounting plate than the one that people already use for Japanese sticks.

If you had such an adapter it would be easy to build sticks that could accept both joystick types out of the box. The only extra thing you would have to do is add washers to give the added depth that American sticks need.

The JLW is supposed to fit.

Correct, I’ve currently got the SFAC stick and I replaced the stock bat joystick with a JLW and it fits perfectly without any drilling or modification. I can post pictures if you would like.

These two?

What is the main difference between Happ and Sanwa?

yes plz!

Awesomeness. I have seen those sticks floating around ebay, and they have always been tempting, not to mention cheap. Since it’s Sanwa I’ll assume it’s a quality stick, but could you post your thoughts about the JLW versus the JLF stick?

It looks like the plate fromt the JLW would fit onto other sticks, so it’s also good just for that.

Pictures of SFAC with Sanwa JLW:
(sorry if they are a bit blurry I took them with my 1.3mp camera phone)

SFAC with JLW Bottom

SFAC with JLW Top

I’ve been playing on the JLW for about 2 months now and just last Friday got a chance to play on Puppetchow’s JLF sticks. I definitely agree that the JLF has a much faster and accurate response than the JLW. My JLW currently has a round gate and the JLF’s I played on had an octagonal which feels much better feel over the round gate imo.

The JLW is just a little bit stiffer and takes more effort to manage commands on but is still a decent joystick.

I’m currently working on a blank box for myself to put a JLF into as I was really impressed by how well it performs.

correct me if im wrong but… although the JLW is a decent choice for 2d fighters, isnt it better suited for shumps?

i’m gonna bump this thread because I plan on doing this mod to my SFAC soon… if the JLW doesn’t feel as good should I just go ahead and put in the JLF? Also, how hard was it to mod it?

I’d like to know as well. How hard would it be to fit a JLF in there

I can’t see the pictures you posted. I used a JLF-TP-8YT and had to drill new holes and sand down the box with my dremel. It works fine now but took a little work.

Yeah, I think the pictures are dead. I just bought a SFAC that was previously dremeled for a JLW. I installed a iL stick, but it definitely uses the same holes since there weren’t any additional ones drilled.

So with JLF, it’s new holes.

But with JLW, it’s the same original holes that fit the Happ/Il sticks?

so the ‘Sanwa JLW-UM-8 Bat Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way’ isn’t as good as the jlf? …is it equal to or better than the il eurostick/happ battops?

I’d go as far as to say the JLW is worse than both.