Replacing TE Side Panels

Hey guys,

I was wondering if it would be possible to replace the TE side panels to the TE-S ones? And where would I be able to find those panels? I prefer to not have the TE side panels and would rather have it nice and flush at the sides.


yes its the same form factor fully interchangeable I know I have both and have fully disassembled both you just have to fine someone who has a spair set. Its not that common to find someone who wants to trade, only seen someone do a trade once. better off building a set out of fiberglass or wood

Wood Sides Replacement for MadCatz TE Joystick

This link takes me to a page that says the product can’t be found on the site. Was there anywhere else that carried the same thing or something similar?

focus attack .com

The link I was asking about goes to as well, but I am getting a *The page you were looking for appears to have been moved, deleted or does not exist. *, when I click on it and I haven’t been able to find the panels on their website using the search function they provide. Did you have any other ideas on places that might have something similar?