Replacing TE2 Cable connector


I want to replace the standard TE2 pin connector for something that is at least 8pins so I can use it with older consoles. At the moment I jerry-rigged an RJ45 jack but I’m looking for something that looks better. I’d rather not make additional holes and use the one already there. Anybody have any suggestions or has done something like this before?


You might want a neutrik or switchcraft RJ45 Passthough.

They are panel mount and often used by people on this forum.
You can get the neutrik and some premade cables at Paradise Arcade & Focus Attack


Neutrik is too big to fit anywhere beside the 24mm buttons on the back (which I’d rather keep). This is why I’m looking for alternatives. I’ve looked at some mini din 8pin connectors but have not gotten their dimensions so I’m not sure if they will fit. I can widen the hole so it can be somewhat bigger but would like to keep that position there.


Get something like this:


An RJ-45 jack like above would be practical. If you want something rugged like the original screw-in connector, I am a fan of the Neutrik miniCON. You can see one in action in my PSX->MCC converter.


Neutrik miniCON, isn’t that a variation on the Mini Din connector?


Damn RoboKrikit, that connector looks so nice but it’s so expensive! I mean $20 USD for each female/male connector. I’m gonna have to think about it…



It’s a 12-pin industrial circular connector. It’s sort of like a mini DIN, but less likely to break. The other connector on that PSX->MCC adapter is a mini DIN connector though. I put it there since I had some extra room and wanted to be able to use cheap cables to connect to my PC Engine, which uses mini DIN standard.

It’s real nice, they are well made and lock in place; a cable tug won’t pull it out but slight pressure from your grip will remove it. They’re pricey but you can get them cheaper if you look around or wait for prices to drop. You can sometimes save a little by ordering the modular pieces instead of the full 12-pin connector kits, especially if you are already making another order so you save on shipping.

Note that for some reason Full Compass doesn’t have the MMI plastic insert for the pins right now. If you were to buy the individual pieces you would need that.

If you do end up buying, make sure you get the MPS/MBS (solder) pins. They are tiny pins to solder to; if you get the MPC/MBC (crimp) pins you’re going to have a bad time.

The full 12-pin kits for male plug and female connector with solder pins are MSCM12 and MRF12.


A lot better :smiley: I’ll probably buy enough for one female and 2 male connectors. Even if I don’t end up using them for this I would easily find something else to use them for. I’ll post pics later if I use them for the TE2


Beautifull! Took a bit of cutting and shaving down but it’s in there. Still havent soldered the pins though. Wanted to make sure I could mount it first.


What’s the original rj45 part u used called?