Replacing the balltop on my HRAP3


So I’m thinking about replacing the stock Hori buttons with white Sanwas and I’ve gotten that part down, but I want to replace the red balltop with a white one.

Following this tutorial, do I need to just unscrew the middle of the joystick as shown in this picture?

Also, the stick inside the HRAP3 is JLF-TP-8Y-SK…which balltop should I get from LizardLick?

The Sanwa LB-35 Joystick Ball Top which is described as “Standard 35mm size ball top fits JLF-TP-8T and JLW-TM-8”


Sanwa LB-45 Joystick Ball Top
"This giant ball top fits JLW-UM-8. Can be used with JLF series and JLW-TM-8 using adapter sold below."

I’m unsure since…the joystick in the HRAP3 isn’t listed on either



You use the flathead screwdriver to hold the shaft stationary while you remove/replace the balltop. The screwdriver prevents the shaft from spinning. You can use either balltop; the LB-45 is 10 mm larger than the LB-35. The LB-35 is the same as the stock top.


Good to hear



If you use the bigger balltop you have to get the adapter for it. It looks like a screw within a screw.