Replacing the gate

I’ll be blunt I did a search and never found a solid answer, I checked the faqs, tutorials ect ect ect…

Every time it comes to the part I wanna see specifically how to do it skips it. Maybe because it is simple, and it looks simple.

I have my new octagonal gate for my friends stick, (I prefer square) but I really dont wanna risk wrecking his stick (technically i own the stick but I always use my TE stick)

How do I remove to square gate on the stick I tried pressing on on the nubs and pulling up on the gate but that didnt seem to work though I may not have been pressing hard enoug but didnt want to risk breaking the stick.

It is an SE stick so it is a knockoff part, but shouldnt matter right? All I should have to do is push and pull up, right?
(sorry for a totally newb question but dont wanna risk wrecking the stick)

The Restrictor Gate on stock Mad Catz Joystick is on super tight.
So you will need assist with tool to remove; a screwdriver or something.

Thanks for the quick reply, however based on the diagram the stick would have to be removed before I could stick a screwdriver there… Is it possible to do it wouthout removing the stick fromt he case?

On the TE stick I was able to replace gates with no tools. Just lightly push back all 4 pins with your fingers and pull out.

this is the SE stick so it aint sanwa, it is a knockoff part thats is very tight… I got the gate halfway off but the other side was tightened (damn you physics) and I ended up having to push it back in and regroup

I am using a screwdriver… but damn this thing doesnt wanna go anywhere…

After wresting witht his thing for like half an hour I really just wanna get a saw and chop it off… jesus

You can get the holding pins to ‘hold open’ if you push back and pull up on the gate a little. That made it a lot easier for me. It’s also handy to have a small screwdriver or something similar for pushing on them.

Thanks for the replies, though all I really needed was confirmation that yes just push in the pins … But thanks for the help and with the help of a friend hold that damn stick steady) managed to pop it off (finally).

After trying it man, wow very different, the octogate is prolly better for command characters like ryu, but I still love square for Guile