Replacing the joystick shaft


hey guys whats goin on. i modded my hori FS3 with a sanwa JLF. the thing i found out is the shaft is too long, causing the bottom plate not to close. sometiems the joystick gets stuck on a direction. i looked up what i need to do and it told me to use the original shaft that came with the stick but i have no idea how the hell i;m supposed to take the shaft out of either joystick. anyone wanna help out a brotha :tup:


Take off the e-clip (look it up, plz) at the bottom of the joysticks. Pay attention to how everything is assembled because the force of the compressed spring in the joystick shaft assembly may push everything beneath it out onto the floor.

Replacement jlf shafts are sold at but it appears that you need to be using the one off of the stock hori so nevermind.


Follow this.


Just slide a small flat-head screwdriver into the E-clip at the bottom of both shafts to remove it.
Then you can exchange the shafts & actuators between the JLF & stock Hori.


i was going to say my video, but nevermind