Replacing the Mortal Kombat Tournament Joystick


Peace everyone. It’s been a while since I last posted.

I’m thinking about modding my Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition Fightstick with IL parts. Replacing the buttons should be easy for me but I’m concerned about the stick itself. The square plate that’s holding the stick together looks like it can’t be taken out unless I rip the hard panel off. But there are screws on the circular piece and the microswitches that can be removable. So are there any tips you are all willing to share in replacing the stock joystick with an IL competition one?

Thanks in advance.

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You have to remove the t-modling to get the plexy off, to remove the base to the joystick.

Luckily the Happ competition and the IL competition joysticks are nearly identical (as IL used to make parts for Happ) you can swap out every part of that Joystick except for the base and probability get the same results.


Yeah, that’s what I’m aiming for: removing and replacing the parts of the joystick and leaving the base as it is.



Hi again.

I bought the IL buttons and joystick and I’m currently modding the fightstick now. I replaced the buttons successfully but I’m having difficulty replacing the stick itself. I managed to get as far as replacing the microswitches from each directional input. What I’m trying to do is remove the stock e-clip.

Any help please?


All you need to do is get a small flat head or needle nose pliers and pull it off, you can push down the actuator a little bit to get a better grip on the cclip . just make sure what order all the parts come off in.


I did that. It worked. Thanks.

Now I’m struggling to place it in the new stick


For really stubborn e-clips I recommend a friend and some pliers.


Good news. I finished modding it. I had to push down on the joystick and push the clip within the circular crevice of the joystick base. All is well.

Thanks guys


Hi again. Now I’m having a new problem.

I replaced the IL spring on the joystick with a Happ Heavy Spring. Now my stick is not working correctly. When the stick is neutral, the Control Panel on my PC is saying that the POV hat is in the up direction. When I push the stick down. It’s registered as blank. So, the directions are screwed up and everything is wired correctly to my guess. When I plugged in the wires for the down direction, all seemed well until I placed the cover back on. And now it’s happening again. I tried swapping microswitches, and it’s a no go.

For example, while playing Mortal Kombat, I automatically jump upwards non stop. I can’t crouch. It’s like the down direction is grounded. I can still fight though, but I barely have control of my character besides jumping upwards and forwards and backwards.

What’s going on?

EDIT: The disconnects for the up button were grounded together. I simply flipped the common ground disconnect for it. Now they are not touching each other. Everything is working fine now. I blame the slanted common ground ports on the cherry switches.