Replacing the PS3 Mad Catz PCB with MC Cthulhu and keeping the button terminal?

I’ve found a lot of threads with dual modding the stick but I can’t seem to find any threads replacing the the PCB and keeping the button terminal.

I got everything wired up but the actual buttons. As far as I know, the TE stick is common ground so rather than re-doing all of this and daisy chaining all the buttons, I’d much rather just wire whatever ground the TE stick is already using and keep half of the terminal plugs in and the other half going to the Cthulhu.

So basically my question is, where can I grab the common ground for all the buttons with the Mad Catz PCB gone. Hope that makes sense. If not, guess I’ll daisy chain them, thanks.

for the main eight play plays, start, select, and the stick, yes. You can take the ribbons that plug into the main TE pcb, cut the connectors off, strip a little insulation back, separate the individual wires from the ribbon cables, and screw them all into the MC screw terminals. I know you’d like a pinout of which wire in each ribbon does what but I just dont have that. The bitch will be getting the Home button on the original TE connected up. I just don’t have any information on how this can easily be done since I dont have a ps3 fightstick. If you’re cool with using the start+select=guide function of the board, you should be able to install the MC solderlessly and keep the original distribution block pcb.

Ya I found the terminal and wired iot to the pcb no problem. I’m also grounding the hom button for the start/select as i really dont care about the stock buttnon. Thanks for the replies.

Finding myself in a similar situation except I am willing to solder stuff, so here is the thing I’d like to do the RS hack and the Home button. But I want to dual mod using an imp+MC+Madcatz pad.

I want full functionality. I can’t find a pin out for the PS3 PCB which is weird.

I figured I wouldn’t be able to sell the PS3 PCB for anything worth while so why not use it.