Replacing the stick on a Hori EX2

So I was looking around for a decent guide to modding a hori ex2 with better parts (still haven’t found a brilliant one) and most of the crappy ones I found said that in order to replace the stick on it, you have to cut out loads of plastic to make the new joystick fit.

I wanna put the Sanwa JLF in it but was wondering if anyone could break down the process that I have to go through to get a decent installation. Cheers.

Im looking for a tutorial as well. And if possible one for the Tekken 4 stick from hori.

I would suggest before you go to the trouble though you try the gate mod. Basically you replace the white plastic gate with one for a Sanwa JLF. I did this with a Sanwa octo gate and tightened the spring a bit. I found it improved things greatly.

edit: I should also warn you, if you do replace the gate…don’t over tighten the screws. You will strip out the threads on the plastic housing. :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks Imperator. Also @whoever bad-repped me for this thread: wtf

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