Replacing the TE's Screws


Like others I’ve started to have my TE’s screw start to strip. I have them all lose in case they can’t be taken out in the future. But my main question is, has anyone replaced the screws that come with their stick? I’m looking to replace my with non-allen key screws. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks!


Uhhh go to Lowes or Home Depot, bring your TE and just keep trying shit ti’ll it fits.

Rocket science I know…


hum… I was more or less meaning if there was a certain type/size I’d be looking that would be best to hold them stick together and easiest to take out with the least chance to strip.

But thanks… i guess.


wont it be smarter to take the screws out and then just go find screws at home depot that match the screws you took out of the te stick.

i dont really know much about screw sizes and if there are different names but if i show a person who works at home depot one of the screws im sure the person will be able to help me find the screw i need.